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what is the excellence factory?

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be present

Someone once said “Eighty Percent of success is showing up”. Presence is crucial to your success.

connect to our network

Join an expansive community of goal-oriented professionals who will keep you accountable and productive.

share your goals

Our Excellence Engineers help you define and achieve your ideas and goals faster and more efficiently.

get to work

Leverage all our resources to bridge the gap between your professional experience and entrepreneurial dreams.

At The Excellence Factory™, we help corporate employees bring their business ideas to life. We partner with new entrepreneurs from concept to their first customer (and beyond). Our Excellence Engineers provide startup resource navigation, ideation, and on-demand project management support. Anyone can join The Excellence Factory™ - we don't require an invite to work with us. We're here to support your idea - not judge. 

the excellence engineers

What does an excellence engineer do?

An Excellence Engineer is your dedicated idea therapist, project manager, and resource navigator. We understand the challenges of juggling a 9-5 job, family, and personal commitments while trying to bring a business idea to life. Our role is to provide the accountability and structured organization needed to keep your business idea moving forward.

How excellence engineers help:

Idea Therapy: Friends and family may not always understand how important your idea is, and others may want equity if they help you. We offer a safe space to discuss your ideas with unbiased advice and no strings attached.

Project Management: From creating strategic plans and optimizing business processes to managing projects and implementing new technologies, we ensure every step is planned and executed efficiently.

Resource Navigation: We connect you with the right tools, resources, and networks to support your entrepreneurial journey.

The value of an excellence engineer:

For professionals clocking out after 5 PM to work on their passion projects, we fill the gap by keeping your business idea from collecting dust. Whether it’s through market research, financial forecasting, or strategic planning, we provide the expertise and support to turn your idea into a reality and get you to your first customer.

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